Elizabeth Groves is the Client Concierge at St. Clair Law. Throughout her career, she has many years of experience building and maintaining relationships with clients and professional partners. Her professional background in corporate insurance, employer benefits administration, energy management, finance reconciliation, and real estate gives her the ability to guide our clients through the process of completing their estate plans.

Additionally, she recently acted as the Executor of her father’s estate. Like many others, he passed away without a will, unexpectedly. The process of estate administration entailed challenging tasks for her to complete, and her attorney was never available to answer her questions and the paralegal just told her she couldn’t give her legal advice. So she went through the process from A-Z essentially alone, and did the work herself to close the estate.

We developed a role around her experience and strengths that set us apart from any other law practice in the area. She is not just an “office manager.” She is there for our clients during their entire experience with us, in a way that most law firms aren’t or can’t be. She truly understands our client’s families’ needs and difficult emotions about the confusing Probate process while grieving for a loved one. Her goal is to help our clients avoid the same emotional confusion and turmoil she went through, by having a proper estate plan in place before death, and if necessary, by helping them through an unexpected experience with our California Probate System. She is passionate about protecting clients’ assets from unnecessary arguments and governmental interference wherever possible and, keeping family assets with their cherished family members.

She comes from humble beginnings in Texas, where she lived in Dallas, with her parents and 3 siblings. They moved to Idaho where she attended college. She fell in love with the South Bay after she closed her father’s estate and decided to call it home since 2017. She is currently enrolled in a highly regarded American Bar Association approved paralegal program in our area, with a 3.9 GPA. She is passionate about putting her heart and character in everything she does and hopes that our clients can see that radiate from her.

• El Camino College, Paralegal Program, in progress
• California Association of Realtors Online, Transaction Coordinator Certification
• Idaho & Washington Resident Producer License: Property/Casualty, Disability (Health)/Life, issued March 2014
• North Idaho College, Journalism and Communications August 2006 – May 2008

• Volunteering for Delta Dental Smile Mobile & Second Harvest Food Bank. Cause: Social Services for low-income & homeless families.

“I believe my life would have been changed if my dad had executed a living Trust before he passed away. It would have prevented two years of agony and giving half of his estate to the government. As the Client Concierge at St. Clair Law, I am dedicated to making your estate planning experience an easy and comfortable process.”

-Elizabeth Groves