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Attorney Grace St. Clair
A Personal Approach

Grace is a sole practitioner, which allows her to have direct and personal involvement with her clients. She started her career at the most prestigious “Big Firm” in the United States, gaining valuable and rewarding experience on one-of-a-kind transactions. But during her busy career, her grandmother passed away leaving her father, an only child, to handle the estate. It was a small estate; a house and a checking account–not that much different from most folks. For two years, Grace watched her dad spend his time traveling back and forth from the county courthouse, hiring experts, trying to transfer the title of his his mother’s house into his own name, as next of kin. Why was this so difficult? Grace’s grandparents had invested in a Living Trust, but the Trust was not recognized as valid by the State of California. Apparently, the assets in the estate were not “delivered” correctly to the Trust, and the Trust paperwork could not be located. Therefore, Grace’s father had to Probate this “small” estate, just as if his mother had left no plans in place at all, as if she had left only a Will. Two years later, and after $26,000 in expenses, the State transferred the house into Grace’s father’s name. In this instance, everyone was in agreement over what was legally appropriate, and the probate went through relatively smoothly. Imagine how much it would have cost and how long it might have taken, if some of the parties were not in agreement!

Grace wants to make a difference! She decided to specialize in Estate Planning in order to save others from her father’s predicament. Based on her skills and experience in real estate transactions and corporate matters, she is able to handle all areas of a client’s estate — especially those that involve real estate and businesses with partnership, LLC, corporate, and financial issues. ¬†She serves as a Comprehensive Wealth¬†Manager to those clients who need more than just legal services.

Grace enjoys unraveling the complicated and confusing processes of Probate, Trusts, and Estate Planning for her clients. She works with each client until the desired result is reached, and makes the process easy to understand. Her clients appreciate her empathetic nature and her experience in handling sensitive family issues, which are often emotionally difficult.

Grace’s experience with finance and tax issues combined with her legal education, allows her to understand every facet of an estate plan.

She has practiced as an attorney in both large and small firms. This gives her a unique perspective that benefits a wide range of clients who have diverse backgrounds and needs.

  • Trained as an associate in the Bankruptcy and Real Estate Departments of O’Melveny & Myers in downtown Los Angeles, and as a tax paralegal before law school.
  • Worked in the General Counsel’s office of a major pharmaceutical distribution company.
  • Managed the Legal Department of a financial investment company.

Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles. Graduated in 1991 Cum Laude, 3rd highest in her class, and first among the female graduates.

An Inspiring Speaker
Grace has been a keynote speaker for dozens of groups on a variety of subjects, including personal finance, career planning and estate planning. Some of her recent speeches include:

  • “My Parents Are Getting Older, Now What Do I Do?”
  • “Three Simple Steps To Protect Your Ass-ets!”
  • “Is Your Parent’s Estate A Ticking Time-Bomb?”
  • “How Do I Tell My My Kids To Pull-the-Plug If I Can’t Talk?”
  • “Women & Purposeful Investing”
  • “Creating Wealthy Teens And Protecting Them As They Head To College”
  • “How Do I Get My Red Jacket? — Getting What You Want And Wearing It Well”

Grace lives in the South Bay and enjoys acrylic painting, creating children’s murals, playing piano, golf, and tennis, and spending time with her family.

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