Many individuals and companies own investment real estate in their personal and business portfolios.  This presents different issues when creating a proper estate plan.  It is important to have a skilled professional who can deal with these real estate matters without hiring additional counsel.  Grace has experience handling these real estate matters both inside and outside of an estate plan and can offer assistance in the areas below:

  1. Real Estate Transactions:

    Purchase and sale contracts; negotiation of contracts; entity creation and transaction format; title review; closing assistance.

  2. Loan Modification/Workouts:

    Negotiation and documentation of loan modifications and loan workouts.

  3. LLC Creation:

    Creation and formation of LLC entities; drafting of Operating Agreements; closing assistance; long term entity planning.

  4. Foreclosure/Banking Disclosure Advice:

    Each bank has different disclosure requirements when selling foreclosed properties.  We offer advice and assistance obtaining knowledge of impact to project/property and bank disclosures.

  5. Leasing Transactions:

    We can represent both Landlords and Tenants for their commercial and retail leasing transactions; drafting of lease agreements; negotiation of lease agreements, terminations and expansions.

  6. General Counsel:

    Serving as a general counsel to clients who do not wish to have in-house counsel on staff.

  7. General Corporate Issues:

    Setting up, dissolving and terminating partnerships and corporations; entity formation; creation of by-laws and organizational documents; employee benefits.

  8. Buy-Sell Arrangements:

    Drafting and funding buy-sell agreements, and offering advice on how to create incentives for retaining key employees; Skilled in offering advice concerning the estate planning issues of business partners.