What is involved in the Estate Planning process?

  1. Collect information
  2. Gather financial statements
  3. Discuss goals and desires
  4. Collect first payment
  1. Meeting with a counselor to discuss family dynamics and handle possible inheritance issues, upfront
  1. Discuss needs and start document production
  2. Continue to gather outstanding statements/items/information
  1. Send client(s) drafts to approve (collect second payment)
  2. Answer any final questions
  3. Make any final changes
  1. Notarize documents
  2. Witness Last Will & Testament
  3. Collect final payment, pay Notary fee
  1. Handle Recording of deeds/any issues
  2. Prepare final Exhibits
  3. Collect final statements and transfer non real estate assets
  4. Prepare client for drafting Letter of Instructions to Successor Trustee
  5. Make appointment to provide original Trust binder with recorded deed to client
  6. Discuss and implement Client Success Program